ECEPC Committees

The success of the Essex County Estate Planning Council depends largely on the work of our board and committee members who dedicate many volunteer hours to ensure that estate planning professionals on the North Shore have the best member experience possible. 

Our committee members work collaboratively all year long on increasing membership, assessing member benefits, securing sponsors, communicating with our members and planning great events. 

If you have any questions about committee topics, or if you are an ECEPC member interested in joining one of our committees, please contact a member of the specific committee you are interested in. 

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee plans and schedules most Council events, including networking events, educational lunches and breakfasts and the Annual Dinner, our signature event. They work collaboratively with other members of the Board of Directors to secure dynamic speakers with broad appeal and also research appropriate event venues and collaborate with Council staff on event details. 

Committee Chair: Bailey Bishop

Governance/Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for finding qualified members to serve as Officers and Directors of the Council. They submit a ballot of candidates to the Board and then to the Membership at the Annual Meeting to be voted upon at the meeting. The Committee is also responsible for finding candidates to fill any vacancies on the Board, vetting new Council members and heading the search for candidates for our Council-Nominated AEP Program

Committee Chair: Ryan Swartz

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for securing sponsors for all Council events, including breakfast meetings, networking events and the Annual Dinner. Contact a  the Sponsorship Committee Chair if you would like to learn more about how your business or firm might benefit from sponsoring an ECEPC event. 

Committee Chair: David Strachan

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee oversees the process of recruiting new members, measuring member satisfaction and looking at ways the Council can enhance your membership. At the Essex County Estate Planning Council, we highly encourage members to bring guests to events that are open to non-members so that we can increase  opportunities for our members to network with new professionals in their field and grow the Council. Please contact the Membership Committee Chair if you or someone you know is interested in becoming an ECEPC member.

Committee Chair: James Murphy